Hello and welcome to our blog Bare Conversations! We are glad you found us and hope you stick around a bit to learn more about who we are.

Reader: Sooo who exactly are you?

Andrea: I am thrilled you asked! I am a wanna be blogger who aspires to live with vulnerability. I currently live in Massachusetts with my husband and 3 young children those of which you will for sure hear about in the course of this blog. You can find out more about me in the About Us page.

Annie: I am also a wanna be blogger who aspires to live a more authentic life. I currently live in San Diego, CA with my two cats. I am sure they will make an appearance or two on here. You can also find out more about me in the About Us page.

Reader: Can you tell us about your friendship?

Annie: We met as freshman in college almost 20 years ago. In many ways we are different – Andrea is married, I am not; Andrea has kids, I do not; Andrea is blonde; I am not. But we share many common interests. We love to craft and make things with our hands. We love to eat cheese and drink a glass of wine or beer and just talk. We both love to run and will be running a half marathon together in October. We both love to travel and explore. We both love and cherish our friendship.

Reader: Why did you choose blogging as your platform?

Andrea: We both enjoy writing and needed an outlet for our creative voices. We find blogs to be an easy format to share with others and one another as we live on opposites of the country.

Reader: What is the meaning behind the name “Bare Conversations”?

Annie: We are inspired by Brené Brown’s work on vulnerability. It took us a few days and multiple glasses of wine for us to finally settle on Bare Conversations. We choose this title because this blog is us being vulnerable with all of you. We are laying it all out there…bare. We hope you will join us in these conversations as we want to learn from all of you as well. We want Bare Conversations.

Reader: What topics do you plan on discussing?

Andrea: We hope to write about the realities of everyday, the challenges of being vulnerable, the importance of connections, happiness, and pop culture topics such as life hacks, books and podcasts we love, quotes on Instagram, and meaningful articles.

We hope you join us on our blogging journey, as we look forward to sharing it with you. We would also love to here from you and any topics you might be interested in us sharing.


Your Fellow Travelers,

Andrea & Annie


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