As we jump into our blogging journey, we knew we needed to first determine what and who we are. What is important to us? What do we strive for? What will our legacy be?

As we are both huge fans of Gretchen Rubin and her amazing podcast Happier, we decided we needed a manifesto. Gretchen devotes several podcasts to manifestos and features others’ in the live episode #87 held in Seattle. Haven’t heard of a manifesto? It’s simply a public declaration of your intentions, motives, and views.

I mean doesn’t that sound easy? Ha.

We quickly discovered, it’s actually quite difficult to put your desires and understandings about one self into one or two word phrases. Yet, over a bottle of wine, or two, we hashed out the many ideas mulling around in our heads and created a list of 10 tenants we aspire to live by over the course of this blog, and beyond.

  1. Be Ourselves—remember who you are in all circumstances without compromise
  2. Dare to be Vulnerable—with ourselves, one another, and our readers
  3. Enjoy the Journey—this means every part including the bumps
  4. Remember Fun—life, learning, and the everyday should be fun
  5. Onward in our Self Discovery—knowing yourself inevitably brings happiness
  6. Be Kind—to ourselves, one another, and even the stranger
  7. We are Enough—let us leave self-doubt and guilt at the door
  8. Nurture our Adventurous Sides—say yes more to the adventure that awaits
  9. Always be Learning—knowledge is precious
  10. Stay Connected—to our family, friends, ourselves, and one another

Photo by Randy Robertson

As Andrea reviewed the final list, she was reminded of her trip to Maui. In Maui, there is a small town called Hana on the eastern side of the island. The famed Road to Hana is a scenic winding narrow drive with spectacular waterfalls, amazing beaches, and must see shoreline views. When you embark on the 3 hour road trip to the isolated town of Hana, you quickly realize that it’s not about the destination, but the journey to get there that is remarkable.

Our lives are messy. And it’s not really about the end result of who we become, but the journey that takes us there.

As we post our Manifesto of 10 on our individual bathroom mirrors, may we remind ourselves every morning, even with bleary eyes, what our intentions are.

What are your motives and aspirations to live by? We would love to hear about your personal manifesto in the comments or email at or


Your Fellow Travelers,

Andrea & Annie


2 thoughts on “Our Manifesto

  1. Aunt Mary was telling me about your blog Andrea and said I would enjoy it and can probably relate with our kiddos being the same ages:)

    1. I’m so glad you found us! And hopefully you will find something here that resonates with you or inspires you.

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