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Happiness—oh how we desire thee. I mean, who doesn’t want to be happier? I know. I know. It’s not something you can make yourself be all the time. It’s a state of mind which is highly dependent, for most, on circumstances. But what if we could just have more of it? If we could put habits in place that bring about more happiness. But how?

Well let us explain.

As both of us are to do list aficionados, we immediately latched on to Gretchen Rubin’s book The Happiness Project in which she details her year long project on becoming happier. (What the what? 12 months? Hmm, could we really keep it up for that long?) She identifies 12 areas, one for each month, to focus on for the year in her desire to become happier. For each month, she identifies 4 to 5 realistic resolutions that she could implement and track for the month.  Throughout the book, she inserts her candid humor and her secrets of adulthood as she tests out her lessons and learnings from research and pop culture.

Hmmm…Now this made sense to us. It has merit. A list for each month on how to be happier? We are sold. However, as Andrea is an obliger, she knew she needed outside accountability to keep her on track with her personal happiness project. Also as Annie described a few weeks ago, she figured out she is a perfectionist and has trouble starting projects because of this, she also knew that she would need outside accountability to stay on course. Thus, we are putting the 12 areas and resolutions here on the blog and hope to keep you up to date with our progress each month.

In the vein of Benjamin Franklin, Gretchen devised a spreadsheet to track her resolutions throughout the year. Andrea will be tracking herself this way. Annie bought a planner and is going to bullet journal her way through this project. Not only will she be tracking her resolutions, but she will also be capturing her thoughts about the project throughout the year.


  • September – clear my mind
  • October – lighten up
  • November – just be Andrea
  • December – be the example
  • January – boost energy
  • February – enrich my learning
  • March – become worldly
  • April – challenge myself
  • May – cultivate friendships
  • June – strengthen my marriage
  • July – have more fun
  • August – nurture my introversion


  • September – cultivate friendships/relationships
  • October – nurture my love of reading
  • November – focus on work
  • December – move my body
  • January – house/possessions
  • February – fixate on money
  • March – finish these major projects
  • April – all about blogs
  • May – take care of my body
  • June – remember to play
  • July – internal health
  • August – reflection on the year

So join us on this year long journey and maybe create your own happiness project along the way.

Your fellow travelers

Annie & Andrea



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