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The books I choose to read during my self-imposed reading challenge.

During the month of October, I focused on my love of reading for my happiness project. It was an interesting month for me to try and do the happiness project as I was traveling to see Andrea and had other things planned. I had a multitude of activities planned for this month and I pretty much failed at everything I planned to do to enhance my love of reading. One reason for this was because I added a self-imposed reading challenge (more on that in a bit) and another reason is that I was just not focused on this aspect of my life. I really should have done projects this month and started/finished all of the Halloween decorating crafts I want to do. Alas, I got no Halloween projects done and I failed epically in my happiness project.

Before I discuss what I did and didn’t do this month, let me just say that it is really hard for me to focus on one thing. I like to have several projects going on in the same time because if I get stuck on one, I have another one I can focus on. This is why I have several sewing projects gong on at the same time.

Completely Failed

I really wanted to start reading to kids to share my love of reading with them. I completely forgot to call the organization back and get this set up. Now it’s been so long that I feel embarrassed that I haven’t called them back. It’s snowballed into something super embarrassing for me. I also wanted to go to more author signings this month and I didn’t make it to any. I had a busy month already planned and there is just no way I could have added any thing more to my schedule. I love bookmarks and have a collection of them. I wanted to make some to add to my collection but I just didn’t get around to it.

Semi-complete or delayed

I really enjoy reading children and young adult literature. I wanted to start a meetup book club for other adults who also enjoy reading children’s literature. I went to set up a meetup group and noticed there was already one in San Diego. I requested to join but still haven’t heard anything from the group. I am giving it a month and if I still haven’t heard anything, then I will start another group. I bought this sticker sheet from an etsy store and thought that I would try and read all of the books listed on the sticker set (see picture) in a month.

Stickers from Peanut Butter Taco etsy shop. Aren’t they cute??

This took up a lot of time and is one of the reasons I didn’t get as much done as I had anticipated. I kind of knew that I wouldn’t complete this but I did read 12 of the books and plan to finish the rest by the end of the year. Another thing I wanted to do was to scan all of my books into an app on my phone. This way I could see what I already own (especially important when buying comics). I started scanning them and realized that I also should clean the shelves of my bookcase. Since I am focusing on my apartment and possessions this month, I decided to postpone finishing this task to this month. I don’t actually have a library card. I buy most of my books (I want a library) or borrow them from friends. I will be going to the library next Monday for a book club and will get one at that time.


I really like poetry and wanted to increase reading it from absolutely none to some. I did read some James Joyce and Shelley. I continue to plan reading some poetry, maybe one collection a month. I started an Instagram about my reading adventures and love of books. It’s @lokireads for anyone interested in following my reading adventures.


So as you can see, I didn’t do so well this month. It is really hard to focus on one hobby for a month, even one I love as much as reading because there are so many other things going on – like visiting friends, movies, fall TV, projects at home, long working days and sick days. I will update in future happiness project updates on the tasks I left incomplete or in progress.


Your fellow traveler,


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