November was my month for self discovery and just being Andrea. I had 6 goals: start a collection, determine my signature color, dive deep into personality, listen to more music, read, and to determine a quest. Unlike October’s failure, I totally rocked this Happiness Project month! It was surprisingly easy to Just Be.

The Good:

I was determined to really pinpoint the things that make me Andrea this month. When I first moved to New England, I traveled to Newport, RI with my hubby to tour the Mansions, think Vanderbilts, and to relax at a bed and breakfast. While there I picked up a holiday ornament of a pineapple. I learned that the pineapple is prevalent across New England, and symbolizes hospitality. I fell in love with this idea then, and decided now that my collection will be all things pineapple. Although I haven’t completely decided on my signature color, I do know that I love polka dots. I own a few pieces, a sweater, leggins, and a blouse, and I wear these regularly. I’m still working on a color, but leaning towards the coral family. I took two personality quizzes: Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test (HJTT) and a Spiritual Gifts Test. The HJTT categorized me as someone who puts service, family, and personal connections as priorities in their lives. My spiritual gifts are service and mercy (compassion). Both of these tests cemented by own ideas about myself, and have provided me with a better focus for my relationships. I read Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown and learned that standing alone in who you are is brave and brings you to a place of freedom. More on this book in a later post. It is a must read for those who want to understand the importance of true belonging. Lastly, my quest is to visit as many National Parks as possible. I enjoy traveling, hiking, and the outdoors so this is a perfect fit.


The Bad:

I started reading The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown, but did not finish. This book has a lot of good nuggets and I want to soak them all in, slowly.

The Ugly:

Music. I love exploring new sounds as well as listening to old favorites. I have a wide range of tastes, too. However, it is difficult to listen to music I enjoy when I’m constantly being asked to play the “Duck Song”, “Shake it Off”, and Super Mario Brothers theme songs. I think I need to invest in a sound system for the shower, which is the only place I seem to ever be alone.

I’m looking forward to continuing my hunt for more things Andrea and practicing those I discovered. December brings a new challenge: Be the Example. I often find myself telling my children one thing, and me doing the complete opposite. For example, we have a saying in our family–Don’t yell, gentle tell. When the kids are bickering or getting upset, I often remind them of this. However, in the heat of the moment, I (gulp), have been known to yell, more than what I like to admit. I’m not living the example I want my kids to see. My goals this month are:

  1. Just be kind–we could all use a bit more compassion
  2. Be the cheerleader–urge and encourage my little ones
  3. Cultivate traditions–make time pass with joy
  4. Connect first, then respond–take a few breaths and see others’ perspectives first
  5. Make memories happen–put aside the to do list to make room for the experience

Wish me luck!

Your fellow traveler,


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