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One of our favorite podcasts, Happier, brought up the idea of “18 in 2018” and Andrea and I both decided to come up with a list of 18. The list can compromise of anything you want to accomplish this year. It can be a one time event or something that you are working on for the entire year. We were both a little hesitant to add more to our to do list with the Happiness project going on, but since it can be a combination of both one time events and something you are working on the whole year, we thought we could give it a good effort. So here are our lists…


  1. Read 18 books–for most this may not be many, but it is a challenge for me
  2. Finish Mudroom Cabinets–final paint, vinyl names for each cubby, baskets for shelves
  3. Piano or Keyboard–decide which one will work best for our family and placement
  4. Plan a trip to a National Park
  5. Start a garden
  6. Take a cooking class online–whether it be on Youtube or Great Courses
  7. Run 3 races–any length, any month
  8. Make yearly photo books–use my already purchased digital albums from Collage.com
  9. Finish 1st year scrapbooks–all 3 albums are at different points and need to be finished
  10. Deck lights solution–i have string lights for the deck but need a better way to hang them
  11. Fix my bike–needs to be taken in for a tune up
  12. Trailer Hitch and Bike Rack–my son keeps asking to go for rides outside of our neighborhood, but I can’t because I have no way to transport my bike
  13. Thursday morning yoga–I want to get better at yoga and can only do this with more practice
  14. One new clothing item a month–I hate shopping, but desperately need to upgrade my wardrobe
  15. Find a new band/artist to listen to
  16. Talk to Lamis about job–a friend does consulting work that may just be right up my alley
  17. Decorate my room–it’s extremely plain and I want it to make me feel happy every time I walk in
  18. Upgrade kids bathroom–the bathroom needs a more kid friendly sink and a tile floor that isn’t hideous


  1. Post one blog post per week.
  2. Get my printer talking to my computer (they haven’t been speaking in years).
  3. Finish 1 sewing project every month – I have a huge backlog of projects…this really should be two projects per month but one is more reasonable.
  4. Read more books than I did in 2017 – I read 110 last year and I am shooting for 120 this year.
  5. Organize my garage – now that it is cleaned out, I want to put up shelves and organize it in a useful and convenient way.
  6. Finish the Domo houses – if you know me well, then you know I love Domos and I have been wanting to do little “houses” for them for years. I have two complete and just need to finish the rest.
  7. Learn to make pasta – I have all of the Kitchenaid attachments to do this and have never done it.
  8. Take a beginner dance class – I found a studio in North Park, the neighborhood I live in, I just need to take the plunge.
  9. Put 10% of every paycheck into savings.
  10. Finish the rug for the kitchen.
  11. Hike all of the trails in Balboa Park – there are a lot and I want to do all of them especially since I live right next to the park.
  12. Read 2 nonfiction books on Irish folklore.
  13. Run/hike/walk purposely 1000 miles this year.
  14. Research techniques to help me focus – I have been having a problem focusing on getting things done at home and work and I want/need to be better at focusing.
  15. Learn to make pie crust – I got a cool pie cookbook for Christmas.
  16. Keep dining room table and desk free of clutter – seriously, they are clutter magnets – check both once per week.
  17. Read Stephen King’s It.
  18. Do at least one yoga video or go to a class once every week.

Let us know what your lists are and how awesome it feels to check something off.

Your fellow travelers,

Andrea & Annie


Photo Credit: Checklist by Alan Dean

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  1. If you want Balboa Park trail company, let me know! I also have been neglecting the park in my second year of living near it…

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