A Long Absence

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Oscar Wilde and I taking a nap.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you know that I have had a long absence from posting. I apologize especially after I stated in one of my goals for 2018 was to post every week. After that post went I up, I got hit by extreme fatigue. If you have ever had extreme fatigue, then you know that you are doing the bare minimum and for the me the bare minimum was going to work. This hit right before my mom arrived, which took even more of my energy. I was really scrapping the bottom of my energy barrel.

Let me explain about extreme fatigue. When I was in college, I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. I had never heard of it and didn’t know much about it (this is before you could Google everything). I remember the doctor saying that I will probably have it my entire life and there may be times when I am extremely fatigued. There’s nothing you could really do for it then (and maybe now as well), so I haven’t really thought much about it except when I have an extreme fatigue spell, which thankfully doesn’t occur very often. I still don’t know much about chronic fatigue syndrome or if I really have it (maybe the doctor was tired of trying to figure out what was wrong and just diagnosed me with that) and I can’t answer any questions about it.  Interesting side note: Dorothy on The Golden Girls was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome in a two part story line. My friend Jen and I learned at D23 (the Disney convention) last year, that the creator of the show, Susan Harris, was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and that story line came from her experience. If you are interested in that story, then watch episodes 1 and 2 of season 5.

I am feeling better and started getting my energy back around the beginning of March. I’m still not 100% yet as things that were easy (like getting up in the morning) are still difficult and so I have to watch how I am spending my time and really plan for down time so that I can rest and rejuvenate. i also have to watch what I am eating and making sure I am getting enough calories. With my braces and this bite bump in place (which prevents me from chewing normally), it’s been difficult to find food that is soft and quick to cook that’s not pasta (I love pasta but I have noticed within the last year that I get very tired after eating pasta). I just need to meal prep on the weekends more.  I hope in another few weeks, I will feel more energetic and more like myself.

I’ll be back to posting once a week. I have to tell you all about so many things and I look forward to sharing with you.


Your fellow traveler,


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