Annie and Andrea—The A Team. Two different gals that met nearly 20 years ago because of one guy. A boyfriend, to be exact—to both of us—at least at separate times. Our friendship may have started with a boy in college, but it has taken us to opposites sides of the country. And within our long-distance friendship we have created a space for bare conversations that allows us to share our vulnerability with one another. We each understand the need to dare greatly in our journey on this earth and hope to encourage others to join us through our blog and through our Instagram @bareconversations98.



I am a Michigan native, now living in Massachusetts, a mama to 3, and a wife to an amazing man. If I’m not wrangling children, you’ll find me running, reading, cooking, or crafting into the wee hours of the night. I am a reformed perfectionist that is learning to see the good in all situations. Here, I hope to share the realities of life’s journey and make it possible for others to feel like they aren’t alone. You can contact me at




I was born and raised in Ohio and now I live in San Diego, CA. I am single (never been married) and I am owned by two cats – Oscar Wilde and Athena. I work as a chemist in research and development for a pharmaceutical company. In my free time I enjoy reading, baking, running, weight lifting, crafting and making costumes. By doing this blog, I hope to become a better writer, listener, friend and I hope to share with everyone my life with all of the vulnerabilities and joys and everything in between that I experience. You can contact me at